20 Tips for New Student Newspaper Editors

In brief Twitter bursts over the past few days, I’ve been sharing some basic advice for incoming student media leaders to consider. Each tweeted tip is embedded below. Let me know what words of wisdom you would add to the list. I’m genuinely curious. I’ll also post a related podcast soon expanding on some of the biggies.


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6 Responses to “20 Tips for New Student Newspaper Editors”
  1. Meghan Frick says:

    This is not meant at all as disagreement with Lexi — who’s awesome — but I have to say, my advice is: Do sleep. Definitely, definitely sleep.

    You will make some of your worst and most avoidable mistakes when you’re sleep deprived. So sleep, take time for yourself when you can, spend time with friends who don’t work for the paper. It’ll allow you to do more and be more fully present when you are working (which will, of course, be most of the time).

  2. Riley Snyder says:

    I agree with Meghan. Reflecting on my time at a student newspaper, working past 2 am usually resulted in little productivity and more sluggishness the next day. I give people the same advice for parties – nothing good ever happens past 2 am!

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