College Media Podcast: Should Student Press Online Archives *Ever* Be Changed?

Welcome to the latest installment of the College Media Podcast.  The CMP is a collaborative venture between me and Bryan Murley from the Center for Innovation in College Media.

The podcast’s aim: spotlighting big college media news, standout student press work and an array of helpful and innovative sites, programs and tech tools.


In our current episode, we discuss whether and how student press online archives should be altered in cases of mistaken or offensive reporting.

Similar to last week’s episode, the discussion builds upon the recent controversy surrounding The Daily Free Press at Boston University.

As I previously posted, a BU student criticized the campus newspaper for “regularly [making] light of crimes like rape, sexual harassment and assault by prefacing the paragraph-long descriptions of the incidents with jokey, pun-ridden titles.” The student singled out a humorous headline the Free Press ran atop a summary of a sexual assault in which she was the victim. The paper’s board of directors quickly apologized, instituted staff sensitivity training — and worked with staff to remove and edit offensive crime brief headlines from the paper’s digital archives.

The big lingering question about the latter: Is online archive tinkering ever the correct course of action– even for student press outlets under fire or looking to right some wrongs?

Listen in below.



Boston University Student Criticizes Student Paper for Joking About Rape, Assault in Crime Log

College Media Podcast: How Should Student Newspapers Handle Humor and Crime?

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