College Officials: Do NOT Donate to Student Newspaper When Dudes Knock on Your Door

Students have been going door-to-door recently in Santa Clarita, Calif., asking people to subscribe to the campus newspaper at their nearby College of the Canyons— for a price. The subscription fee is apparently being sold as a de facto donation of sorts to help out COC’s student media.

Sounds innocent enough, right? It ain’t. The solicitation is actually a scam. 

According to a message from a COC administrator published in the Santa Clarita Valley News, the solicitors are not students. And the school or campus paper The Cougar News does not seek money, at least in that way.

A portion of the admin’s message: “College of the Canyons does not ask its students to go door-to-door to solicit monetary donations for any reason. In all likelihood, the people who are engaged in this con are taking advantage of the strong reputation that COC has in the community and we only hope that no one falls victim to this scam.”


An even stranger twist is that apparently this ploy has played out in Santa Clarita before, probably with the same dishonest participants. SCVN calls them “the COC student newspaper scammers.”

As the admin writes, partially in bold, “[R]esidents should be acutely aware that this is a con and that they should notify local law enforcement if anyone comes to their doors asking for donations on behalf of the college.”


As of this morning, the Cougar News had not yet featured anything about this scurrilous scam artistry on its website. The site does not appear to have been updated since the close of spring semester. But in a sheer scamming coincidence, one of the stories currently on the homepage is about similar shadiness — an online phishing scam affecting Yahoo! Mail users.

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