Cute Cats & College Journalism: Kitten Joins The Daily Cougar as Cub Reporter

A friend of mine recently adopted an extremely cute kitten from a shelter.  She named her Minion. And she posted pics of the adorable creature on Facebook, prompting a cavalcade of awws and likes the likes of which Facebook has never seen.

Minion’s sudden popularity motivated me to find equally appealing cat pics– ones that were of course in some way related to collegemediatopia.

I turned to Twitter. It took me 10 minutes. Thank you to The Daily Cougar, the top-notch student newspaper at the University of Houston. Minion, meet Thomas O’Malley, the Daily Cougar’s newest cub reporter. #cutekittencollegemedia4vr 




Does your student press outlet have a cute cat staffer/mascot/logo/story? Email me ASAP.

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