‘Must Watch for Journalism Students’: Blind Newsreader ‘Can’t See Script She’s Delivering’

Put this in your inspirational video folder. The report below shares the story of a staffer at Australia’s national radio network who is rocking out as a newsreader even though she “can’t see one word of the script she’s delivering.”

Nas Campanella, 24, who happens to be blind,¬†employs a unique method of (almost) simultaneously hearing and then sharing news of the day for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation‘s popular multimedia platform “Triple J.

As she explains about her “novel way of presenting and producing radio news”: “In the headphones, I can hear myself. I can hear the speech program telling me what to say. I can hear the audio grabs that I have to play on air. And then on top of that I can hear a clock telling me how much time I’ve got left to go. . . . At the end of the day, after reading five or six bulletins in a row, my ears are kind of sore and it’s all a bit much.”

The next question from the reporter telling her tale: “What about your brain?” Campanella’s response: “The brain learns to deal with it.”



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