Young Journalist’s $25 Million Investigation Enters Year Two, with a Lawsuit

David Schick is still on his $25 million hunt for answers. Believe it or not, this particular journey is about to enter year two.

The former student journalist at Georgia Perimeter College– currently a freelance writer and blogger– is now suing the board of regents that oversees GPC. The motivation for his lawsuit– filed with the help of the Student Press Law Center– is the board’s failure “to produce public records concerning a $25 million budget shortfall that occurred at Georgia Perimeter College in 2012.”

As I previously posted, this fight began last July while Schick was editor in chief of The Collegian student newspaper at GPC. His initial gambit: an open records request aimed at gathering documents that might provide a glimmer of insight into why the university had suddenly amassed such a massive deficit– one that led to nearly 300 staff layoffs and the removal of its president.

The school’s response (shocker alert!): Stalling. Over-charging for records. More stalling. A partial records release. Excuses about an open investigation. Did I mention stalling?


The lawyer representing Schick: “Unfortunately, officials at both the Board of Regents and Georgia Perimeter College have used all manner of tactics to discourage my client and delay his receipt of these requested records.”

My Take: Boo to the board and GPC admins. Bravo to Schick. He should tattoo the following onto his forearm as a reminder of what it means to be a journalist who does not give up– 2013CV232324. As in David Schick v. Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, Civil Action File No. 2013CV232324.

To Be Continued…



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