University of North Florida Spinnaker May Shift from Weekly Newspaper to Monthly Magazine

How would you feel if the Spinnaker became a glossy-print magazine?  It is the second question on a survey for University of North Florida students, faculty, and staff aimed at eliciting outside feedback in preparation for the Spinnaker’s potential shift from a weekly newspaper to a monthly newsmagazine.


As Folio Weekly reports, “The tentative plan for publishing a magazine would call for 10 monthly issues– including two double issues– beginning in Fall 2013.  ‘People can expect more investigative news pieces and longer and more in-depth feature pieces,’ if the student publication makes the change, [editor-in-chief Jacob] Harn said.”

According to Spinnaker adviser John Timpe, 10,000 to 12,000 copies of each monthly mag would be printed– compared to the current 4,000-print run for the weekly paper.


Front page of a November 2012 Spinnaker.

As Folio Weekly confirms, the Spinnaker’s student mag inspirations: Distraction at the University of Miami and Ampersand, produced by The Red & Black at the University of Georgia.




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