Funny Student Press Headline #17: ‘A Tampon Dispenser From This Decade Please’

Being of the male species– after my eyes widened at the header– I showed this piece to several female colleagues and friends.  What were their reactions? Appreciative laughter, followed by anecdotes confirming The New School Free Press op-ed’s basic premise.

A snippet of the piece by Alina Ramirez: “Given the plethora of commercials circulating on the TV airways, women now have as many options for feminine products as they do for makeup.  There are pads with wings, pads for the ‘light’ days, ‘pearl’ tampons, cardboard tampons, and even organic cotton tampons, oh and scented ones– the list goes on.  So of course it would be easy to assume that we’ve come a long way with our menstrual technology, and that, in New York City, we would be the first ones to have a very sleek feminine product dispenser in our bathrooms.  Not really.”

It is the first time I’ve ever come across the term “menstrual technology.”




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