‘Murmurs from the Bathroom Wall’: Coolest Blog in College Media?

“Love yourself!”  “Love God!”  “Men?”  “Why do we allow ourselves to live in a world of poisons that are not quite fatal?”  “In my 20 years [of] life I have had a crush on 3 people.  But I didn’t show it. Why?  Because they’re all girl/woman.”

For the past semester, Kimberly Veklerov has been detailing these “anonymous musings” and others like them in a unique blog for The Daily Californian.  Each week, Veklerov engages in campus restroom stall stakeouts, searching for one-of-a-kind glimpses into the minds and moods of (mostly female) students and staff at the University of California, Berkeley.  (She said she ventured into a few men’s rooms “only to scamper out suffocated by the stench.”)


Her blog, called “Murmurs from the Bathroom Wall,” is not suffocating, but intoxicating.  On spec, it is the most fascinating online feature of its kind I’ve come across within college media in quite some time.


One example of her work: a March column focused on a question etched into a university library bathroom stall, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”  As Veklerov wrote, “Beneath it is a series of responses from various individuals that, taken together, forms a hypothetical bucket list of tasks that will probably never be completed.”

The bucket list– including answers such as “live by myself on a mountain” and “have a threesome– oh yeah”– inspired her to consider her own fearless dreams and the undergraduate realities holding her back.  In her words, “Before graduation, all these idealistic notions are fine and dandy, but I worry that with diploma in hand, I will become a sell-out who is more concerned with making a livable wage than with devoting myself to repairing the world.”

So why has she been devoting her time to graffiti?  As Veklerov indirectly explains through someone else’s graffiti message: “We all come here to poop and pee, with some secrets and kind words of advice at heart.  Many are anonymous and free, yet they are all pieces of art and mean a lot to me.”

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