Stanford Daily Columnist: ‘I Couldn’t Care Less About Jason Collins’ Sexual Orientation’

Stanford Daily columnist Joseph Beyda is determined to not give a damn about Jason Collins’ historic disclosure about his sexual orientation.  In a Sports Illustrated article yesterday, NBA veteran Collins became the first active male athlete in one of America’s four premier sports leagues– the NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL– to publicly declare he is gay.

As the Collins announcement continues to reverberate across the public, press, and sporting landscapes, Beyda says he will try “not to think of him as a pioneer or a national hero.”  Why?  Because that’s what Collins wants– to keep the focus on his athletic performance and not his personal life.


As Beyda writes in a larger sense:

I’ve always thought that the true joy in being a sports fan is something that is born early on. It’s about knowing the players by name, getting lost in the flow of the game, learning which opposing teams to hate– the sorts of things that a four-year-old can do.  When you get older, all of that is augmented by analyzing the action, understanding the full course of a team’s season, and learning about what players are like off the court. But none of those additions are at the heart of what makes a sporting event fun.  As much as possible, I try to be a four-year-old in the stands and a 19-year-old on the car ride home.  That kind of sporting experience is blind to the X’s and O’s, blind to the bigger picture and blind to prejudice.  So if you go to a game looking to heckle Collins, as he says he expects some fans to do, you’re the one missing out.

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