UC Irvine Students Approve $3 Plan to Keep Campus Newspaper in Print

Students at the University of California, Irvine, overwhelmingly approved a measure this week that would add 99 cents to their individual student fees each quarter ($2.97 per year) in order to keep their campus newspaper in print for the foreseeable future.

As I posted last weekendNew University, UC Irvine’s paper of record, has apparently endured a financial bloodletting in recent years due to rising printing costs.  New University editor-in-chief Jessica Pratt even told the Los Angeles Times that unless a majority of students voted to approve the 99-cent fee, the paper may cease to exist in hard copy form in any frequency in only a year.

A week later, New University’s print prospects are on much more solid ground.  According to reports, close to three quarters of the UC Irvine students who voted– while also simultaneously voting in the student government election– chose to support the measure.  It needed 60 percent approval to pass.

As OC Weekly put it: “The New U was saved!  The New U was saved!  Yes, those UC Irvine students buried financially in tuition, boarding, book and PBR costs that’ll have them paying back government loans until they reach the Social Security age to be pulled out from under them, have approved a $3 fee to save the student newspaper, New University.”


The staff’s reaction, according to Pratt: “We started screaming and cheering.  It was a great moment. . . . I’m so happy that people understand the importance of the campus newspaper and that they voted for us.  I just really want to extend my extreme gratitude because this paper means so much to me.”


The 99 Cent Solution? UC Irvine Students to Vote on Future of Campus Newspaper

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