SMU Daily Campus Provides Real-Time Coverage of Bush Presidential Library Dedication

Over the past few days The Daily Campus at Southern Methodist University has been providing around-the-clock coverage of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum dedication festivities.  As the paper noted in one of its many posts and pieces touching on the events: “The chance to be in the same place as one president is rare.  To be in the same place as five living presidents?  Your chances are slim to none.”

The Daily Campus crew made the most of the once-in-a-lifetime chance.  Along with a commemorative print edition, they unveiled and updated a special part of the website known as the Bush portal, maintained a live blog, and engaged in a live chat with The Dallas Morning News.



Stories in the print edition centered on the library’s use of social media (a first for these types of presidential facilities), its collection (including more than 350 baseballs meaningful to Bush), former First Lady Laura Bush’s role in its design, and the library opening as a larger fresh political start for the city of Dallas— apparently still first thought about as the site of the JFK assassination 50 years earlier.

As the latter story shares, “Fifty years ago this November, another president came to visit the lone-star state setting in motion events that would tarnish Dallas’s reputation for years to come.  The assassination of President John F. Kennedy left the nation reeling, and in the aftermath Dallas was labeled not only as the place where Kennedy was killed, but also as the ‘City of Hate.’ . . . The opening of the George W. Bush Library brings with it not only many important faces– like those of the five living presidents– but also the hope of a polished new reputation.”



An extra I found especially interesting: a Google map put together by the Daily Campus showing the locations of all 13 presidential libraries in the U.S.



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