Alabama’s Crimson White Publishes Year-in-Review Issue as a Print BuzzFeed

The latest year-in-review edition assembled by The Crimson White, premiering today, goes full-on BuzzFeed.  The top-notch University of Alabama student newspaper modeled the entire 32-page issue after BuzzFeed’s homepage and internal pages– right down to the iconic page-topping categories LOL, win, OMG, cute, RTR, trashy, fail, and WTF.

The special issue (hat tip delivers a month-by-month rundown of the previous two semesters.  Among the highlights and lowlights: a BCS national championship, the subsequent arrest of four football players, the reelection of President Obama, the resignation of UA president Guy Bailey, a Nelly concert, the end of inter-fraternity pledge programs in part due to hazing issues, and the death of athletics director Mal Moore.



The BuzzFeed review follows the CW style of going all-in at year’s end and during big moments.  For example, in April 2011, the CW published a special 3-D year in review, an issue mostly forgotten due to the subsequent Tuscaloosa tornado.  The paper delivered a special print edition during the immediate aftermath of that storm and a year later released a special anniversary issue.  In addition, the past two Januarys, CW staff has unveiled special editions celebrating and commemorating the university’s national college football championships.






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