Boston Bombing Suspect: Former Classmates Tell Harvard Crimson He Was ‘Pretty Much a Friend to Everyone’

Former high school classmates of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 19-year-old Boston Marathon bombing suspect now in custody, have told The Harvard Crimson he was a “down to earth and friendly” student-athlete during his HS days.

The students– who now attend Harvard University– went to a public high school in Cambridge, Mass., with Tsarnaev.  They describe him as “a shy but normal teenager” and “a typical, nondescript high school student in a graduating class of around 400.”


In the Crimson report, posted earlier today, one Harvard freshman talked about playing a pick-up basketball game with Tsarnaev last November.  As he noted, “I had never even seen him be rude to someone else. . . . I will probably never understand how this happened.”

Separately, here are current homepage screenshots from the Crimson and the Boston University News Service at BU.  Both have been covering Tsarnaey’s manhunt and capture.

The Harvard Crimson, Harvard University


Boston University News Service, Boston University



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