Podcast: UCONN Daily Campus Editor Breaks Down Paper’s Digital-First Final Four Coverage

Yesterday afternoon, I had a chat with Elizabeth Crowley.  As editor-in-chief of The Daily Campus at the University Connecticut, Crowley recently oversaw the paper’s triumphant digital-first coverage of the controlled chaos that is the NCAA Division I women’s basketball Final Four.

The UCONN women’s squad once again took home a championship.  The DC, by comparison, grabbed oodles of eyeballs, likes, follows, retweets, and kudos.  For her part, Crowley called the whole shebang “one of the most exhausting, stressful, and exciting events that the 2012-2013 staff has reported on.”



Check out our conversation below, which includes a breakdown of the digital reporting methods and tools that grabbed the most traffic and shares; what Crowley wishes in hindsight she and the staff had done differently; and the advantages of being a student outlet when reporting on a mega-huge story alongside every other media organization on Earth.  (Huge shout-outs also to Brian Zahn, Dan Agabiti, Tyler Morrissey, Matt Stypulkoski, Jess Condon, Kevin Scheller, and the rest of the DC Final Four crew.)

This is part of what I’m calling the Journalism of Ideas podcast, a running dialogue with movers and shakers within collegemediatopia and the professional press about big issues, cool stories, and hopefully some helpful ideas along the way.  Email me ASAP if you want to join the conversation.


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