Podcast: Missouri’s Maneater to Make a Digital-First– Make That a ‘Content-First’– Shift

A few days ago, I had a chat with Ted Noelker.  Noelker suddenly finds himself near the pinnacle of college media’s A-list for two principal reasons: his ascension to editor-in-chief of The Maneater, the highly reputed student news publication at the University of Missouri; and his plan to carry out a dramatic Maneater reinvention.  It’s what most would term a digital-first shift.  He calls it, by comparison, “a content-first approach to journalism.”


Check out our conversation below, which includes a breakdown of why Noelker no longer thinks of the Maneater as a newspaper; the difficult decision to make cuts to staff pay; and how and why the Maneater is saying bye to biweekly and shifting to a once-a-week print production cycle.

This is part of what I’m calling the Journalism of Ideas podcast, a running dialogue with movers and shakers within collegemediatopia and the professional press about big issues, cool stories, and hopefully some helpful ideas along the way.  Email me ASAP if you want to join the conversation.


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