Daily Reveille Editor Sues LSU to Obtain Names of Presidential Candidates

The top editor of The Daily Reveille is suing Louisiana State University to obtain records related to the school’s recent presidential search.  Reveille editor-in-chief Andrea Gallo was recently rebuffed on a public records request she filed aimed at gathering the names of all applicants for the position.

In Gallo’s words, “I was hoping throughout the entire search process that LSU would work with us so we, as reporters, could give our readers insight into who the next president of LSU would be and what qualities we were looking for in that person.  It became apparent pretty early on that our access was not only limited, but practically blacked out.”

According to the university’s governing board, “applications [for president] were handled by its private search firm, which was hired by LSU’s private foundation. The board claims those entities aren’t subject to Louisiana’s public records laws.”

Attorney Scott Sternberg, a former Reveille editor and university board member, explains to the Student Press Law Center (paraphrased) that “using private foundations to perform public duties is a creative new way for universities to add another layer of privacy. . . . [W]hile he understands LSU’s concern that candidates won’t apply to a public search for fear of retribution by their current employers, it still violates ‘the spirit and letter’ of the state’s public records law.”


A campaign on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo has been launched by Daily Reveille alumni to help Gallo raise money for the suit.  As the explainer shares, “We believe these records are public under Louisiana law, and allowing LSU to avoid releasing them sets a dangerous precedent for secrecy at the state’s largest public university.  Daily Reveille editor Andrea Gallo is a student.  She is filing this lawsuit individually, and is not backed by the resources of a large news organization. We hope to aid Gallo’s fight for openness by ensuring she does not have to worry about legal fees.”

The university’s statement on the matter: “LSU believes the most effective search process for a significant position such as president or chancellor is one that maintains the confidentiality of the candidates.  To do otherwise would limit the pool of potential candidates.  Candidates for such positions in higher education typically prefer for their names to be held in the strictest confidence and LSU feels strongly it should respect those who were potential candidates for the position of LSU President and does not wish to cause them harm with their existing employers by revealing their names.”

One Response to “Daily Reveille Editor Sues LSU to Obtain Names of Presidential Candidates”
  1. epoa says:

    Andrea Gallo is on to something. Why all this secrecy. What they don’t want you to know about Presudent F King Alexander is published at http://thugthebook.blogspot.com see the vetting if his CV and a whole lot more. Come be the judge.