Wisconsin’s Badger Herald Going Digital-First, Dropping to Twice a Week in Print

Is this the end for competing student dailies?

The Badger Herald at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is officially segueing to “an online-first publication model.”  The new model involves a twice-weekly print edition, Mondays and Thursdays.

UW-Madison was the last campus in the country to house two competing daily student newspapers.  The Daily Cardinal is now the lone student pub at UW-Madison to publish daily in print.



Until late last fall, the Badger Herald published five issues per week.  It dropped its Friday print edition in November.  At the time, editor-in-chief Ryan Rainey told me, “This is purely a Friday switch at this point.  We still consider ourselves a daily newspaper. . . . It’s definitely not indicative of any major problems that we have. We’re just responding to changes in [advertiser] behavior and seeing what we can do to adjust to that so that in the next several years as things continue to change we’re not surprised by what advertisers decide to do or how the publication model works.”

Now, four months later, the model apparently calls for two additional print-less days. A portion of an online press release announcing the switch: “The Herald will still consider itself a daily news publication since new model will emphasize online-first publication. Because of the change, writers and editors will now learn online journalism skills that will improve the Herald’s presence online.”


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One Response to “Wisconsin’s Badger Herald Going Digital-First, Dropping to Twice a Week in Print”
  1. David Maly says:

    Just because they’re switching to an “online-first publication model,” doesn’t mean they’re not “competing.”