Daily Lobo April Fools’ Edition at University of New Mexico Stirs Some ‘Raised Eyebrows,’ Press Attention

The first whiff of trouble surrounding April Fools’ spoofing has descended upon the student press.  The Daily Lobo at the University of New Mexico has been placed within the aura of controversy by the local press for its April 1st satire issue, named The Daily Libel.

As a local television station reports (hat tip to JimRomenesko.com), the paper “raised some eyebrows after publishing an April Fools’ edition with some crude jokes about prominent people including the university’s president.”

The lead story in the issue is a faux behind-the-scenes account of a Lobo staff meeting– involving human feces and a screaming top editor.  As it begins, “‘I can’t believe we’re still running this shit!’ yelled editor-in-chief Elizabeth Cleary as she flung her own feces at the staff photographer and around the table during the weekly pub board meeting.  ‘Can we get ONE good piece of journalism that isn’t riddled with bad spelling?'”  Cleary is captured in the photo above the story with feces caked on her hands, cheek, and thighs.


A separate feature spoofing the college #confessions craze includes an anonymous student sharing, “I took a steamy poo on President [Bob] Frank’s forehead when he dozed off at a Regent’s meeting… #YOLO.”  A Libel staff editorial soon after announces, “The UNM administration is actually a family of marionettes we created to make us look better by comparison.”

Other stories and standalone photo spreads tackle more straightforward spoof subjects such as undergrad apathy, philosophy student over-thinking, and fake horoscopes.  The latter includes the Sagittarius entry: “A well-timed and audible fart will always lighten the mood.”


KRQE in Albuquerque: “Another fake confession stated someone says he started the first college sex ring in the country.  It went on to say that they transported ‘whores’ to his office from a tunnel under the duck pond and that he even had sex with turtles in the duck pond.  [Cleary] admits that is a jab at former UNM president F. Chris Garcia who was charged with running an online brothel. . . . [Separately] UNM’s president becomes a ‘fat whore,’ [former basketball coach] Steve Alford is referred to as ‘the nastiest skank,’ and the regents president if a ‘fugly slut.'”

Too far?  Cleary tells KRQE “it’s just about putting something humorous in the paper that people will automatically relate to.”  The front page also contains the announcement: “This issue is entirely fake, except for the Back Page [which includes a report on Alford leaving UNM to be head coach at UCLA].”


Student Newspaper April Fools’ Editions: Screenshots and Snippets

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