A Year After ‘Carpeteater’ Controversy, Missouri’s Maneater Does Not Run April Fool’s Edition

Exactly one year after an April Fool’s Day edition caused controversy and editors’ resignations, The Maneater at the University of Missouri is chock full of serious news. The Mizzou student newspaper, one of the country’s most lauded and respected, did not run a satirical edition this year.

As Maneater managing editor Pat Iversen tells the Columbia Daily Tribune, “If we’re going to be taken seriously as a newspaper again, we’re going to have to show people that we are taking ourselves seriously first.”

On April Fool’s Day 2012, the Maneater transformed into The Carpeteater. The spoof issue prompted a vocal backlash from readers, an embarrassing viral spread online, and the resignation of the paper’s editor-in-chief and managing editor. In a letter of apology, the ME at the time confessed that in hindsight the content was “incredibly offensive and potentially damaging to the social climate at MU.”


A Mizzou student broke down a portion of the damage in a letter to the editor that garnered more than 200 student, alumni, and staff signatures in support: “Let’s start with the title The Carpeteater. The name is historically derogatory toward lesbian women, and is absolutely offensive. Frankly, I don’t know how the editorial board could consciously put out a newspaper with that title. But the derogatory comments toward women don’t stop there. Instead, this edition offers overtly offensive language including sections entitled ‘Campussy’ and ‘Whore ‘Um’ as well as three fake staff writer names that make reference to the word ‘cunt.’ Derogatory profanity toward women isn’t funny. It isn’t satirical. It certainly isn’t journalism.”


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