Central New Mexico Community College Suspends Student Newspaper After Sex Issue

Update: Central New Mexico Community College Reinstates Student Newspaper After Sex Issue Brouhaha

Administrators at Central New Mexico Community College have suspended The CNM Chronicle student newspaper in response to a sex issue published yesterday. Officials also pulled copies of the paper off campus newsracks, calling the content “offensive and not appropriate for the educational mission of CNM.”

The 12-page themed issue includes features on BDSM, abstinence, local classes on “sexual violence, G-spots or how to give a great blow job,” sex toys, and sexual identification– the latter a centerpiece spread spotlighting “a group of people with varying sexual backgrounds . . . discuss[ing] what life is like for them as people in Albuquerque.”

A separate man on the street rundown spotlights six student responses to the question “What is your favorite sexual position?”  (Doggy style, 69, missionary, and the figure eight, for those scoring at home.)


A statement released by the administration: “CNM is temporarily suspending the operations of the CNM Chronicle pending a full evaluation of the structure and oversight of the student newspaper with hopes of being back up and running by the summer term.  The Chronicle staff will be reassigned to other work-study positions during the evaluation. . . . CNM is going to re-evaluate how students can be trained, educated and supervised in operating a widely disseminated student publication.”




Earlier this month, the college publicly praised the paper in an online news release, noting, “The CNM Chronicle student newspaper earned a third-place finish in the Associated Collegiate Press ‘Best in Show’ category for two-year colleges in the United States and Canada.”

Sex has apparently complicated things.

My Take: CNM officials, as a bona fide expert on this slice of the universe, I can confirm this issue is incredibly tame by student press sex edition standards.  Now here’s the real news flash: Students in college sometimes have sex– and they’re almost always making decisions related to it.  (Even abstinence is a sexual decision.)

Public expression and a smidgen of enlightenment about it– involving different practices, orientations, choices, resources, and safety methods– might compel students to be more responsible, confident, and knowledgable sexual creatures.  Go a tad bit higher-minded and it can easily be argued the issue isn’t about sex at all.  It’s about student exploration– of their public, private, past, current, and future selves.

So to review, the buzzwords: Expression.  Enlightenment.  Responsible.  Confident. Knowledgable.  Exploration.  See anything that doesn’t fit in with the higher ed experience?  Stop treating sex like a dirty word.  Censorship is the real dirty word.


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