Tulane Frat Pledges Trash 2,000 Copies of Student Newspaper in ‘Frenzied Rage’ Over Drug Bust Story

A pair of Kappa Sigma fraternity pledges at Tulane University have confessed to stealing and trashing more than 2,000 copies of The Hullabaloo student newspaper late last week.  They were spotted and photographed in the act by a Hullabaloo staff writer.  University police quickly ID’d the freshmen through the picture (shown below).

The staff writer: “I was leaving Butler House [dormitory] and I got a call from the news editor, David Shoup, who told me newspapers were being stolen.  Then I saw two dudes making off with newspapers. I followed them, taking pictures of their backs as they walked to a recycling bin. I asked them what they were doing, and got a pretty clear picture of their faces.”


The motivation for the students’ mass grab-and-toss: a front-page Hullabaloo story on a drug bust at the Kappa Sigma house.  The police sting-and-seizure led to quite a find in a pair of frat brothers’ bedrooms.  As the paper reported, “[One] bedroom revealed 21.6 grams of marijuana, 68.74 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, 46 dosage units of LSD, 0.91 grams of DMT, 47.56 grams of opium, and paraphernalia. . . . [Another] bedroom revealed 107 grams of MDMA, 0.75 grams of powdered cocaine, 11 dosage units of LSD, 0.25 grams of marijuana, and drug paraphernalia.”


Now that they’ve been caught in the act, contacted by police, and outed by the paper, the pledges are apologetic.  They said they worked alone, without urging from members of the frat.  One told the Hullabaloo: “I truly am sorry that your newspaper became the target of my frenzied rage, and I understand that I cost your independently run paper a good deal of money.  For this I am sincerely sorry and would like to make it up to you in any way possible.”


They have agreed to pay the paper roughly $1,900 in restitution.  The Hullabaloo also republished 1,000 copies of the edition featuring the drug bust report.

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