Daily Texan Adviser to Resign, Cites Frustration with Student Media Board’s Lack of Vision & Continued Cuts

Doug Warren, the adviser of The Daily Texan at the University of Texas at Austin, announced his resignation Friday at a meeting of the paper’s overseeing media board. He will leave the position in June.

As the Texan and Austin-American Statesman report, Warren’s decision stems in part from his frustration at what he sees as a years-long failure by Texas Student Media to address the paper’s financial troubles with a viable, long-term strategy.  In addition, he has grown “displeased with discord among board members and university officials and said he plans to finish building his house in Maine.”

He tells the Texan: “Much of my ongoing frustration stems from the fact that none of this is really new– we’ve been dealing with a version of this basic problem since I walked in the door three years ago.  Revenue is going down, and we’ve responded by making a variety of different cuts, down to the point of cutting into the bone of the operation. We need to step back and create a vision for how we’re going to go forward and that hasn’t been done.”


Ironically, or perhaps fittingly, Warren revealed his resignation plans at a TSM board meeting in which more short-term financial plans were approved.  They aim to further help right the revenue ship of a paper that “has become a shell of its former cash-generating juggernaut.”  Among them: “halving wages for all staff and also reducing tuition reimbursements for student managers by 50 percent.”

Most important at the moment, to many readers, supporters, and alumni, the Texan will continue in print five days per week– at least until the end of the fiscal year.

To Be Continued…


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