Elite Fashion, Killer Cats & a Toilet Fixture Thief: Student Press Front Page, Headline & Lede of the Day

There are lots of interesting features currently floating around collegemediatopia— from Nemo recaps to packaged food nanomaterial rundowns.  Here’s a quick glimpse at an especially cool front page, a quirky header and news brief, and a lede sporting borderline wordplay.

First, the front page, a stylish cover from The Washington Square News at New York University teasing the paper’s coverage of New York Fashion Week.


The fun header, meanwhile, sits atop a Brown Daily Herald blog post.  It touches on a pair of recent events in Providence, R.I., the city housing Brown University: the “blizzicane” Nemo and the arrest of a dude who has apparently been swiping toilet fixtures from fast food joints.  As the paper asked about the thief’s intentions, “[W]hat secret evil genius plan was he concocting with the toilet fixtures?  World’s most epic game of toilet tag?  Make-shift coat hangers?  The world will never know.”


The Lede of the Day recipient is a bit dated– roughly two weeks old.  I just came across it.  It is an LSU student’s take on the recent buzzworthy study describing cats’ killer tendencies.  Check out sentence one in this Daily Reveille piece, part of a regular column called “Scum of the Girth.”  What do you think– cringe-tastic or right on point?


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