Oral Roberts Student Newspaper Adviser Loses Job After Mistaken Presidential Scoop

Kevin Armstrong, the faculty adviser of The Oracle at Oral Roberts University, has lost his job after the student newspaper posted a mistaken scoop on its website Wednesday naming the wrong person as the school’s next president.  While Armstrong publicly stated he has resigned, news reports indicate he may have been fired– by ORU’s current president Mark Rutland.

Rutland hints at such activity in a vague, leading tweet: “Most painful decision of leaders/releasing an employee. 3 reasons. 1) repeated offenses 2) unteachable 3) they embarrass or endanger your company.”

By comparison, Armstrong’s statement: “Out of respect for the university that I will always love, and for my family’s well-being, I have resigned from the university on amicable terms and will have no further comment.”


On Wednesday, just before the start of a chapel service in which the next ORU president was set to be named, the Oracle stated on its website that a Texas pastor had been selected as the new school leader.  The paper was wrong.

As The Tulsa World reported, “The story was removed from the site after about 15 minutes, but not before it was widely spread through social media.  Speaking at the chapel service, ORU President Mark Rutland criticized the publication, calling it wrong and irresponsible.”

3 Responses to “Oral Roberts Student Newspaper Adviser Loses Job After Mistaken Presidential Scoop”
  1. It should be noted that the Oracle had multiple sources they considered trustworthy and knowledgeable of the situation who had verified this info. Plus, the university had been looking for a reason for a very long time to fire this particular professor (because he refused to be completely compliant with the university’s censorship practices) and this was a convenient moment for them to do so. The fact that a new president was announced on a Thursday afternoon during class-time and not on a Wednesday or Friday during the regular Chapel service when virtually all students and faculty are in the same room sort of makes me think they did so in an attempt to bury this situation. Anyway, just some thoughts. Thanks for covering this. =)

  2. senatorallen says:

    Kevin is a beloved professor and adviser. Someone smart will snag him up in no time. He is absolutely the class act his statement makes him out to be.

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