Texas Student Goes Viral for Video Featuring Him Staring at People

The video is called “Stare of the Gator.”  Now boasting more than 160,000 hits, the mini-viral phenomenon premiered earlier this month on YouTube.  It features a University of Texas at Austin freshman nicknamed “Gator” staring creepily at other students “as they try to figure out what he is doing.”

A Daily Texan photographer filmed the student’s stares surreptitiously– Gator was in the know but not those he stared down– to submit to a talent show staged by the fraternity both students were pledging.

As the student photog told the Texan, “We got the best reactions . . . when a woman tried to get him to get out of the street before the light changed to green and when a group rode up the escalator in the UTC to see ‘Gator’ waiting at the top.  They couldn’t turn around, so it was like they had no choice but to wait and hope he would move. Little did they know, the ‘Gator’ doesn’t just move.”


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