‘The Post is Dead, Long Live the Post’: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Paper Drops Print Edition

The UWM Post at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will no longer be published in print.  The culprits?  Cash flow problems, a declining audience, and a hardcore desire to digitally reinvent.

As staff confirmed in a special editorial published on the front page of its current issue and featured on its homepage, “This is our last print issue.  No amount of money-saving or money-generating suggestions or well wishes could save us from this fate.  . . . The truth is, our audience was no longer there. The community we served had moved on without us, and to be honest, it had been so long since we had bothered to check that we don’t even know when we lost them.  When we made the decision to pull the plug on the Post . . . [m]ore than half of the papers we printed we recycled without anyone ever even touching them. Shame on us for letting it get so bad.  That ends here.”


As I previously posted, the UWM paper had all but predicted its print-less endgame earlier this semester.  At the time, staff took pay cuts and dropped its print run.  But in an open letter online, eds. noted, “Even with these measures in place, we will be lucky if we can keep printing through November.”

Now, at November’s end, the pub’s print luck has run out.  Its next frontier: the online sphere.  And within it, staff are seemingly going for broke.


To their credit, the Post leadership is thinking big, aiming to present its readers with something they have never seen before from the outlet.  The Post 2.0 will sport “boxes,” “nuggets,” and “scopes” in place of articles, sections, and beats.  And “disruptors” will soon join the staff to tinker with digital tools and keep on top of new online production and consumption habits.

For example, as the Post explains about its rejiggered website, “The entire home page is a real-time feed of the Post’s collective content.  Each piece of content is self-contained within a box, providing the information and easy sharing links.  The boxes float together into the feed and are organized chronologically, with each new piece of content bumping down the old in an endless scrolling stream.”


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