National Student News Site NextGen Journal Shutting Down at Month’s End

NextGen Journal, the only national news outlet created for and by students that is currently live online, will be ceasing operations at the end of the month.

As NextGen’s founder and editor-in-chief Connor Toohill wrote to readers earlier this week, “[F]or the last several years, the 2012 Election was our big ‘thing on the horizon,’ towards which we were consistently building.  Now on the other side, and with most of our projects and goals behind us, our Core team is growing older and busier. We’re nearing graduation, and some interests are changing.  This Core team has always driven NextGen, and right now, it’s becoming a bit harder for us to keep up.”

According to Toohill, “The site will remain live, and all content published, but we’ll suspend daily publishing for the foreseeable future.”

As I’ve previously posted, NextGen has been a unique journalistic tour de force over the past two years, providing news scoops and candid commentaries from student contributors at roughly 100 colleges and universities.  From it start, the issues tackled by the site have been diverse, voluminous, and almost always of high relevance to students.  Even more valuable, when major news broke, the site often served as the platform for the student perspective to be inserted into the larger narratives and debates.

For example, amid the conversations– and celebrations– that erupted in spring 2011 in the wake of Osama Bin Laden’s killing, NextGen published more stories on more angles than any other student media outlet.  Toohill and his team also did a terrific job during the most recent presidential campaign.  As Toohill notes in his wrap-up post, “We ran articles on topics ranging from climate conferences to hip-hop classes, and e-readers to Election 2012. We interviewed GovernorsCongressmen, and Presidential candidates; talked about our generation on a number of mainstream outlets, including MSNBC; and built up to a series of exciting projects during the 2012 election.”

Best of luck to those who have been involved with NGJ, and congrats on an uber-successful online venture.


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