Valparaiso Officials Remove Campus Paper So Prospective Students Don’t Get ‘Negative Impression’ of School

They stole the Torch to save face– and help enrollment.  On two separate weeks late last month, Valparaiso University officials removed copies of The Torch student newspaper from a prominent campus building out of fear “the headlines would give prospective students a negative impression of the university.”

The front-page stories that spurred their concern– and admitted thievery– involved an academic adviser’s sudden controversial resignation and a freshman’s sudden death from a heroin overdose.  (Partial page screenshots below.)

As the Torch itself reported, the school only fessed up when confronted by the paper. While making his weekly delivery, the Torch news editor noticed there were no back copies still sitting in the building’s newsstands– an apparent oddity.  In a public statement, the school confirmed, “We regret the removal of several issues of the Torch from Kretzmann Hall and commit to displaying all future issues.”

The most recent issue displayed sports a front-page story that details officials’ theft-and-hide antics.  No word yet on the negative impression this might be giving prospective students.

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