Red & Black Editor: Georgia Tech Paper’s ‘To Hell With Georgia’ Football Rivalry Issue ‘A Lose-Lose for Everyone’

Yesterday afternoon, the University of Georgia football squad tore apart in-state rival Georgia Tech University to earn a shot at the SEC title and a berth in the BCS national championship game.  In a column published the day before the shellacking, Red & Black opinion editor Blake Seitz at UGA unleashed a similarly harsh editorial smackdown of sorts aimed at the Technique, Georgia’s Tech’s student newspaper.

The focus of Seitz’s ire: To Hell With Georgia, a special satirical issue published annually by the Technique prior to the UGA-GT game.  Over the years, within the issue, the Technique staff has not-so-subtly poked fun at general UGA stereotypes including “alcohol, rednecks, farm animals, and lots of dawgs.”

Among the headlines topping faux stories in the current issue focused on UGA: “Sesame Street Too Hard for UGA Students, Romney Right All Along”; “Red Solo Cups Deemed Reusable”; “Honey Boo Boo to Talk at Graduation”; “Tater Tot Addiction No. 3 Biggest Craze After Drinking, Incest”; and “Cars in Athens Pimped Out with Tape.”

A separate editorial cartoon depicts a beer can, wine bottle, needle filled with meth, and a DVD containing pornography as “UGA Study Guides.”  Also in the issue, a two-page spread sporting nothing more than the huge, blood-red words “To Hell with Georgia!”  As a tiny strip of text underneath the words notes, “This space provided as a public service by the Technique.”

Apparently, it’s all about tradition.  As an editorial on page two explains, “Some 101 years ago, the first edition of the Technique . . . was a four-page paper that focused primarily on the upcoming football contest with Georgia.  It predicted, arrogantly and incorrectly, that the Jackets would triumph over the Bulldogs.  From these ‘modest’ roots, the present day Technique came into being.  It is these roots that we as a staff honor when we produce ‘To Hell With Georgia.’ . . . While the jokes [in the current issue] may tend to be the same [as those in previous issues], lame or just plain crude, we stay dedicated to the fact of honoring our humble beginnings.”

Nearby, at UGA, Seitz isn’t buying it.  The Red & Black opinion editor views the issue’s stories as the antics of an editorially deficient enterprise and a student body fueled by “undying hatred.”  In his response column, he compares the Technique– and by extension all of Georgia Tech– to “that annoying younger brother you never wanted, who you tried to asphyxiate with a pillow that one time before your mother caught you.”

His take on “To Hell With Georgia” specifically, provided prior to the UGA-GT game: “When, on Saturday, Coach Richt and the boys lay an almighty stomping on the Jackets, and Tech fans are left to yell, ‘Why, why do we continue to field a team in this sport?’ in the smoldering wreckage of their defeat, it will fuel the vicious circle of Georgia Tech’s existence: hate will beget hate, which will beget more silly editions of the Technique for us all to read.  So I guess that’s a lose-lose for everyone.”


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One Response to “Red & Black Editor: Georgia Tech Paper’s ‘To Hell With Georgia’ Football Rivalry Issue ‘A Lose-Lose for Everyone’”
  1. Nook Logan says:

    Just read the red and black article. Poorly written retort with very little defense of his school other than their amazing football team. Maybe U(sic)GA should just forget having classes all together.