This Thanksgiving, Celebrate 1,000 College Problems

Madeline Huerta recently celebrated her 1,000th college problem.  As I’ve previously posted, the Boston University student is the creator and overseer of College Problems, an uber-successful Tumblr site that offers undergraduates a spot to vent about everything related to higher ed. that irks or annoys them.

The user-submitted entries typically run only a sentence or two, almost always with a set-up and a punchline and sometimes without proper capitalization and grammar.

Four sample problems: “Running out of ways to make Ramen exciting”; “Trying to make new friends because everyone you know is abroad”; “That two-week mark when you stop caring about classes”; and “Tuition increase for a building you’ll never use. Meanwhile your dorm is collapsing.”

A screenshot sampling of four more:

In a brief break from the problems posting after her 1,000th entry, Huerta wrote to readers, “I just wanted to send out a mass THANK YOU to everyone who’s made submissions, liked, reblogged, followed, and sent in positive messages today. It honestly means so much that you read the blog (not too seriously, I hope) and let it brighten up your day a little.”


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