State Press at ASU Going Digital-First, Shifting From Daily to Weekly Print Paper

The State Press is doing nothing less than “re-inventing the college newspaper for the 21st century.”  Late last week, the Arizona State University student paper announced a big, bold, headfirst leap into the digital journalism wonderland.

The State Press 2.0 will premiere in January.  It will drop its daily print edition in favor of a bulked-up weekly and “digital products [that] include a new website optimized for viewing on mobile devices, updated iPhone and Android apps, as well as a new iPad app.”

As an editorial about the upcoming reinvention shares, “Each day, we ask ourselves: What is the future of journalism? . . . There are many unknowns, but one thing is certain: Our way of doing journalism is not the way of our parents or professors.  Our journalism unfolds in real time with a deadline of ‘now.’  It is fast-paced, demanding, and continuously redefining itself.  We are a part of that ‘now’ generation, and in order for the State Press to provide this kind of journalism, we must think digitally.”

Along with accepting the changing news landscape and proactively meeting readers’ increasing online, social media, and mobile needs, ASU student media director Jason Manning says the shift will also be an educational nirvana.  Great quote alert: “The truth is our students are probably not going to be asked to layout a daily print newspaper when they hit the professional world.  They’re going to be given assignments that involve data, computer programming, social media, writing for the web, digital design, videography, and a number of other skills that we teach now and will be able to teach more thoroughly with this new approach.”

The State Press is the third A-list, award-winning daily student pub to execute an all-out digital shift, following in the footsteps of The Red & Black at the University of Georgia and the Emerald at the University of Oregon.


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