George Washington Hatchet Sets Up Special ‘Election Guide 2012’ Website

The GW Hatchet at George Washington University has set up an impressive “Election Guide 2012” website offering an array of news and views about the Obama-Romney battle royale and its intersection in the lives of GW students and staff and D.C. locals.

The site features a breakdown of GW staff political donations.  It sports instructions on Election Night party rituals, themed alcoholic beverages (including the O-bomb-a, and Mint Rumney), and drinking games (Two examples: “Drink if someone manipulates a giant touch-screen map. . . . Drink any time ‘exit polls are showing’ something.”).

A separate report focuses on impassioned student politicos “who sacrificed a semester of classes, gave up graduating with their friends and, in many cases, worked 17-plus-hour days to propel their candidates’ sprint to the campaign finish line.”

Hatchet editor-in-chief Priya Anand tells me, “Our most popular piece of content so far has been this grid featuring students, administrators, faculty, and local residents, all sharing what’s at stake for them in this election.”  Each clickable portrait shot in the grid reveals a pop-up video providing the individuals’ personal takes on presidential politics, the state of the country, and their own hopes and fears related to the election’s outcome.

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