Student Press Headlines That Make Me Giggle: Columbia University’s ‘War on Fun’ (Columbia Spectator)

Columbia University is conducting a comprehensive, convoluted “war on fun.”  In a recent op-ed in The Columbia Spectator, Héctor González calls it “a war so pointless you’d think Bush declared it.”

According to González, “[I]t’s really easy to get in trouble at this school: Just act your age. If you partake in any teenage tomfoolery, you’re sure to find yourself detailing to Judicial Affairs and Community Standards, to residential advisors, or to Public Safety officers how you have been a very bad boy.”

This constant trouble-shooting is apparently transforming students into people they are not.  As González notes in the lede, “Before I came to Columbia, I was an obese, theater-obsessed, socially awkward penguin.  Now I’m fucking James Dean.”  Or as the op-ed headline lays out even more simply, “How Columbia Turned Me Into a Badass.”

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