Pitt News Pushes for President Obama Reelect, Citing Decent Record in Face of ‘Impulsive Obstructionists’

The editorial board of The Pitt News at the University of Pittsburgh has endorsed President Barack Obama for reelection, in recognition of his moderate success governing in the face of an opposition party comprised of “men and women who are nothing more than impulsive obstructionists.”

In an endorsement editorial published Monday, the board notes, in part, “No one would want to repeat the last four years.  Yes, the economy has begun a slow recovery from recession. The stock market is up, and unemployment has finally dipped beneath the level President Barack Obama inherited from the Bush administration. . . . And while Obama’s record has often been a disappointment– he promised to close Guantanamo Bay, to end unilateral drone strikes and executive signing statements and to make progress on global warming– by signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, fighting for a more fair tax distribution and standing up for equal marriage rights, Obama has shown he will fight for the underrepresented.”

The ultimate rationale for the board’s Obama support seems to be the sense that with the sitting president the country can at least know what to expect over the next four years.  As the editorial concludes, “With Obama, we can look forward to more moderate, at times progressive, policies and administrative continuity. With a Romney administration, we will see a huge question mark with unpredictable consequences.”


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