Georgia’s Red & Black Runs Full-Page ‘Trash-Talk Ad’ Predicting Florida Football Win

The Red & Black at the University of Georgia ran a full-page “trash-talk advertisement” in Thursday’s paper– against its own football team.  The ad, paid for by supporters of the University of Florida football program, features a strong-armed Gator with gritted teeth taking down a hapless UGA Bulldogs football player.

The image aligns with the thrust of the ad, which lays out a number of reasons “Why Our Gators Will Bury the Dawgs Little Bone . . . Again.”  The number-two ranked Gators are taking on the 10th-ranked Bulldogs this afternoon in a marquee conference match-up.

Red & Black editors are declaring the ad’s publication simply a business decision, telling one reader on Twitter, “We have to sell some ads to bring students free news.”  In the tweet below, they warn all readers about its appearance.

A tongue-in-cheek response from a CBS Sports blogger: “It’s impossible not to be sympathetic to a newspaper at any level looking for whatever revenue stream it can, but the line has to be drawn somewhere, doesn’t it? If funds are that scarce, wouldn’t a bake sale be preferable to publishing an ad like this? A dance-a-thon? Car wash? Talent show? Krispy Kreme dougnut sale? Overpriced chocolate bars?”

A more serious response tweet from a UGA fan:


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3 Responses to “Georgia’s Red & Black Runs Full-Page ‘Trash-Talk Ad’ Predicting Florida Football Win”
  1. The Red & Black doesn’t have “its own football team”, it should cover campus athletics independently and objectively. Too many student newspapers today don’t realize the difference between their universities and their product.

  2. First, how could the ad sponsors not check their copy for grammar and punctuation? Second, Florida turned the ball over 6 times and was held without a touchdown in this game for the first time since the eighties; who’s embarrassed, now? The Red and Black ought to release the name of whoever wrote the check so that UGA fans everywhere can point and laugh.

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