Penn State Daily Collegian Names Entire ‘Sandusky Scandal’ Staff to Paper’s Hall of Fame

The entire 2011-2012 editorial and business staff of The Daily Collegian at Penn State University has been named to the paper’s Hall of Fame.  It is an honor almost exclusively given to individual staffers.

Longtime Collegian general manager Patti Hartranft announced the special selection this past Saturday night at a formal dinner in State College, Pa., part of a weekend-long alumni reunion celebrating the paper’s 125th anniversary.

As Hartranft said simply during her induction introduction, “Oh, what a year.  When I look back on this year, it’s still absolutely surreal. . . . [The students went on] one of the most amazing journeys in journalism.  I’ve never seen people with a passion and a laser-focus required to provide the world with a perspective of coverage from the inside of something no one would have ever thought would happen at Penn State.  As Penn State students, the story was happening to them.  But as Collegian journalists, they had to rise above the sheer emotion of the moment to tell the story.  And they did. . . . This was a year when sleep was overrated, when a professor told a Collegian editor to get out of class and get back to the office, when pressmen came in on Saturday night to print our [special] Sunday issue, when in January we printed so many papers [for a commemorative issue following football coach Joe Paterno’s death] they wouldn’t fit in the racks– that is until they disappeared at 11 a.m. [due to immense reader interest] and we had to print more.  Placing a whole class into the Hall of Fame is a first for the Daily Collegian, but this group will always be special to the organization and for that we honor them.”

This past summer, I named the Collegian the College Newspaper of the Year, in part for the startlingly good journalism its staff produced while reporting upon the multifaceted, complex, feral, real-time beast of a news story that is the Sandusky scandal.


College Newspaper of the Year, 2011-2012: The Daily Collegian, Penn State University

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