University Press Editor: FAU Media Relations ‘Don’t Know What Good News is Anymore’

University Press editor-in-chief Ryan Cortes believes his newsmagazine– and by extension students at Florida Atlantic University– are being given the run-around by the FAU Department of Media Relations.

In a column published yesterday in the UP, Cortes writes that the media relations team is “so concerned with avoiding bad news they don’t know what good news is anymore.  That stinks for you, loyal reader.”

According to Cortes, there has been a noticeable increase in media relations meddling during UP’s newsgathering efforts, including requiring permissions before school officials grant interviews and unexplained blockages of seemingly benign or legally-accessible information.

In his words: “I’ve been interviewing people for the UP in some capacity since October 2010 and I’ve never been asked for so many public records requests and contradictory answers from the people in charge of making this, you know, easier.  Is it a new policy? Is it old? And how does this help– anybody?”

One commenter beneath the column takes a different view: “As an old media guy myself, I think the UP should perhaps write more stories about the news and fewer articles about gathering the news.  Here’s a news flash (pun intended): journalism takes work.  You are not being asked to do anything that all reporters do.  Just because the UP has the advantage of being on campus does not mean it should not have to do the same leg work as every media outlet– all of which know how to work with media flaks and PR folks.”


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One Response to “University Press Editor: FAU Media Relations ‘Don’t Know What Good News is Anymore’”
  1. Johny says:

    Hey Dan, this is so true! Inbound politics are seen at every level of news media! Many students on our app discuss the presidential debates from the angle of theatrical (body language, smiles, etc.) and not actual content (accuracy of data, etc.) nowadays. That’s the product of some media outlets not wanting to wet their feet and discuss about real content by fear of reprisals!