Student Newspapers at Two Milwaukee Schools in Financial Trouble

A pair of student newspapers at separate universities in Milwaukee, Wisc., are earning attention simultaneously for their financial fall-outs and related print troubles.  The outlets join a growing number of college media operating under economic duress.

As I previously posted, the decade-long plights of the professional press have at last weaved their way into the land of collegemediatopia.  If not quite a time of reckoning for some campus outlets, we have definitely entered a prolonged period of profound change– cutbacks, weary sighs, and hopefully some spirited reinventions.

All three are in play at both papers making news this week in Milwaukee.

Newspaper #1: The UWM Post, the student newspaper at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Print status: Dying, at the moment

In an open letter online, Post editors don’t mince words: “Our financial situation is dire. Projections for the rest of the semester show little hope of profit. We are currently scaling back our print run and our staff has taken a 50 percent pay cut to buy us time. Even with these measures in place, we will be lucky if we can keep printing through November.”

Paper #2: The Warrior, an alternative independent student newspaper published for nearly a decade at Marquette University

Print status: Dead, at the moment

The paper’s board of directors chairman, also a Marquette graduate student, told The Marquette Tribune, the school’s long-time student paper: “We’re not shutting down [permanently]– we’re taking a break for the semester as we take a look at how to make it a long-term, viable business. . . . Given the continually rising costs of publishing, newspapers weren’t making financial sense anymore.  We’re going to look for other alternatives and how the Warrior will carry on going forward.”


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