20 Must-Follow Twitter Feeds for Student Journalists

There are four main reasons for journalists and journalists-in-training to be active on Twitter, according to noted “tech evangelist and skeptic” Sree Sreenivasan at Columbia University: to connect with an audience in new ways; to bring attention to your work; to enhance your personal and professional brand; and to find new ideas, trends and sources.

Certain sources sporting active feeds on the social media behemoth are especially valuable to journalism students. Here is a starter list of 20 must-follow Twitter feeds– specifically those that will help students learn the craft and keep up with what journalists are debating, enjoying and attempting to understand on a daily basis.

Some feature journalism, media and technology news. Others offer advice and job and internship listings.  And still others are kept by journalists and big thinkers whose new media maxims, mindsets and methods are worth emulating.

The must-follow feeds are listed in alphabetical order.

@10000words: Kept by staff at 10,000 Words, a cutting-edge “multimedia journalism blog– where journalism and technology meet.” More than 27,000 followers.

@brianstelter: Kept by Brian Stelter, a media reporter for The New York Times renowned for his digital journalism prowess. More than 142,000 followers.

@CICM: Kept by journalism educator Bryan Murley on behalf of the Center for Innovation in College Media, a digital think-thank centered on “helping college journalism in the 21st century.”  More than 1,500 followers.

@collegemedia: Kept by me, a complement to this blog. More than 2,200 followers.

@comminternships: Kept by journalism educator Steven Chappell, providing a running list of “internships and jobs of interest to students majoring in communications.” More than 1,700 followers.

@cschweitz: Kept by Callie Schweitzer, the director of marketing and special projects at Vox Media and a leading voice among young journalists and tech-geeks. More than 31,000 followers.

@jayrosen_nyu: Kept by Jay Rosen, an influential press critic, new media scholar and New York University journalism professor. More than 95,000 followers.

@jeffjarvis: Kept by Jeff Jarvis, a big-time author, blogger and journalism professor at the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism. More than 103,000 followers.

@JournalistsLike: Kept by a pair of journalists who collaborate on Stuff Journalists Like, “a satirical blog about journalism and the media.”

@Lavrusik: Kept by Vadim Lavrusik, the journalism program manager at Facebook, regarded as a cutting-edge digital journalist and media futurist. More than 23,000 followers.

@mashable: Kept by Pete Cashmore, the founder and CEO of Mashable, “the largest independent website dedicated to news & resources for the connected generation.”  More than 3 million followers.

@mediagazer: Kept by staff at Mediagazer, accompanying its website which “presents the day’s must-read media news on a single page.”  More than 31,000 followers.

@NiemanLab: Kept by staff at the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University, focused on “trying to figure out the future of news.” More than 97,000 followers.

@OHnewsroom: Kept by journalist Kevin Cobb, an accompaniment to his popular website Overheard in the Newsroom, which “delivers the best overheard comments in any newsroom.” More than 64,000 followers.

@PBSMediaShift: Kept by staff at PBS MediaShift, a quintessential “guide to the digital media revolution. Tracking how mobile devices, social media, citizen journalism and new technology are changing the media landscape.” More than 19,000 followers.

@Poynter: Kept by staff at The Poynter Institute for Media Studies, a renowned non-profit “school for journalism & democracy.” More than 63,000 followers.

@profkrg: Kept by journalism educator Kenna Griffin, affiliated with her blog which serves as “a practical resource for student journalists and media advisers with the goal of creating an ongoing conversation among current and future journalists.” More than 4,400 followers.

@romenesko: Kept by Jim Romenesko, a complement to his leading blog featuring “news, commentary and links about journalism and media.” More than 61,000 followers.

@SPLC: Kept by staff at the Student Press Law Center, the country’s leading “advocate for student free press rights.” More than 3,800 followers.

@sree: Kept by Sree Sreenivasan, the chief digital officer at Columbia University and a highly-respected digital journalism guru. More than 37,000 followers.

I’ll post a follow-up must-follow Twitter list for journalism students and student press outlets soon. Which accounts are missing here that should be included in part two?


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5 Responses to “20 Must-Follow Twitter Feeds for Student Journalists”
  1. Meredith Clark says:

    Just saw this list as a RT. I’m concerned about the lack of diversity, particularly the exclusion of black journalists/journalism resources. I’d add @SarahHoye, former CNN mobile journalist now with Al Jazeera America, and Doug Mitchell, @nextgenradio, who is a leader in minority inclusion in journalism innovation.

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