Bryan College President Apologizes to Those ‘Upset or Offended’ by Student Press Censorship

In a public statement issued yesterday afternoon, the president of Bryan College confirms his spiking of a student journalist’s story late last week “may have been a mistake.”

As I previously postedAlex Green, editor-in-chief of The Bryan College Triangle, self-published a piece yesterday outlining the real reason behind the sudden, quiet resignation of a Biblical studies professor at the Tennessee Christian college: his arrest over the summer during an FBI sting for attempting to meet up with a minor.  Charges include “attempted aggravated child molestation and child sexual exploitation.”

Green wrote, printed, and distributed the article [screenshot below] on his own four days after Bryan’s president Stephen Livesay told him it could not be run in the Triangle.

Livesay’s subsequent explanatory statement, posted on, offers an apology of sorts– not for the censorious action but to those who may have been “upset or offended” by it.  It also provides a refreshingly candid, if off-base, account of the school’s rationale for the decision.

According to Livesay, “My cabinet and I agreed that since the faculty member resigned on his own initiative, that the events surrounding the resignation occurred during the summer when students were not on campus, and that the resignation involved charges being filed, but no proof of guilt (legal matters are not the expertise of the college administration), the wisest course of action for the college and our students would be to not issue a statement about the resignation.”

It’s a fairly cringe-inducing excuse.  At my most cynical, I frankly find it hard to believe. At face value, I’m left to conclude that– along with legal matters– a basic understanding of journalism is not in the college administration’s wheelhouse.

Ultimately though, I give Livesay credit for stepping up and sharing his side of the scandal.  As he notes, “Our intent was to look at the situation as Christians and do what was right.  As humans, we are fallible.  What we can do is learn from our mistakes.”


College President Kills Story About Prof. Charged with Child Sex Crimes, So Student Editor Self-Publishes It

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