President Tilghman’s Retirement Prompts Princetonian Staff Email: ‘BREAKING ALL HANDS ON DECK’

Princeton University president Shirley Tilghman’s announcement about her impending retirement sent The Daily Princetonian into overdrive over the weekend.  It began with an all-staff email from editor-in-chief Henry Rome.  Subject line, all caps: “BREAKING ALL HANDS ON DECK.”

What happened next, according to an editor’s note from Rome posted this morning: “Over the span of 12 hours, a team of 19 editors and 19 staffers aggressively covered the story from all angles in all media, from print to video to social media.  Staff from across campus converged on the newsroom to write 11 full-length articles or columns and publish more than 40 tweets and Facebook posts. In addition, we shot a video, created an interactive timeline and searched through all of the Prince photo archives to find old photos of Tilghman.”

Some of the content Rome mentions was featured in a special issue published and distributed across campus on Sunday, the day after the announcement.  In a staff editorial in that issue, the Prince declared, “President Tilghman’s tenure has been characterized by an impressive list of accomplishments and frank discussions of the challenges Princeton has faced. We commend President Tilghman for her dedicated service to this University and believe that her tenure, while not without setbacks and missteps, was a success.”


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