LSU Student Journalist: ‘Bomb Threats at Universities are Absolutely Awesome’

For Daily Reveille staff writer Chris Grillot, covering a bomb threat at Louisiana State University was “the most fun I’ve had this semester.”  In a recent blog post, Grillot confirms his anxiety quickly segued to a pure adrenaline rush last week when a bomb alert began sounding in an LSU library.

In his words, “Instead of going home, I met up with a photographer and a few other student journalists and scoured the campus for news, interviews, photos, bombs, etc.  Though the threat wasn’t real, the excitement was. . . . To an average person, bomb threats at universities are pretty shitty.  But when you work for a student newspaper, bomb threats at universities are absolutely awesome– especially when it’s your university.”

According to Daily Reveille editor-in-chief Andrea Gallo, the alert prompted a full newsroom evacuation and forced staffers to temporarily work remotely.  The paper also had to forgo a print edition for a day.  But constant coverage of what was ultimately proven to be an empty threat continued.

As Gallo writes, “There’s not much that can frazzle the Daily Reveille staff– we slept in the newsroom during Hurricane Isaac for God’s sake.”


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One Response to “LSU Student Journalist: ‘Bomb Threats at Universities are Absolutely Awesome’”
  1. Bryan M. says:

    I understand the rush of emotion, but that’s an incredibly tone-deaf thing to write. What if there actually had been a bomb? What if someone was injured? Killed? With all the instances of campus violence over the past few years, maybe a little self-examination would be more appropriate.