Washington Post’s Jenna Johnson: ‘Tons of Advice for Student Newspaper Editors’

In a recent “Campus Overload” post, Washington Post higher education reporter Jenna Johnson laid out a bevy of tips for students stepping up to run a campus newspaper or online outlet.  It is a mix of lessons from Johnson, j-student veterans, and former top eds.

Three snippets from Johnson:

“Become a higher education news junkie. Read anything and everything having to do with college from a variety of sources. Subscribe to e-mail blasts from the Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed. Set up Google alerts for your school. Create Twitter lists. And carefully study what other college papers write.”

“When big news hits, don’t stop writing. You should be the paper of record for these events and reporting the little nuggets along the way will usually result in big scoops. (And if you break a big story, please let me know in an e-mail or tweet.)”


“Ask for documents. Lots and lots of documents. If you are at a public university, get in the habit of filing requests for public information, which usually includes administrator e-mails, reports following many internal investigations, strategic plans and memos.”


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