Student Editor at NC State Reflects on ‘Holy Grail of My College Journalism Experience’

By the end of last week’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, Jessie Halpern was starving, sleep-deprived, and creatively kaput.  Her computer battery had died.  Her feet were sore.  She had written a dozen articles and posted an endless number of tweets.  And at one point she accidentally flashed people waiting in the convention center security line (rainy day, white blouse, oops).

Yet, she seems to have enjoyed– or at least reveled in enduring– every minute of the experience.  She calls the DNC adventure “the holy grail of my college journalism experience.”

In a reflective essay published in print and posted online this morning, Halpern, the news editor of the Technician at North Carolina State University, shares firsthand “what it was like being thrown into the lion’s den with only a semi-useful press pass to my name.”

When you are done with Halpern’s recap, be sure to also check out “Goodbye, Mittens Romney.”  It is a Technician viewpoint piece that is an early favorite for my fall 2012 “Oddly Wonderful Journalism” prize.  It is either a strikingly powerful riff on Mitt Romney’s chances in November or just a really strange obituary of sorts for a cat someone adopted via Craigslist.  Happy Monday. :)

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