J-School Buzz: ‘Columbia Missourian Charges Journalism Students for Online Access to Their Own Work’

University of Missouri students who enroll in high-level journalism courses that involve reporting for the Columbia Missourian are required to pay an online subscription fee to, in effect, read their own work, according to a new J-School Buzz post.

The Buzz: “On top of paying tuition (and journalism course fees) and giving the Missourian free labor, these journalism students also have to pay for access to the stories that you and your peers slave over. Does anyone else feel like they are being nickel and dimed here?”

In a response tweet, Student Press Law Center executive director Frank LoMonte quips, “Are coin-operated toilets coming next?

My Take: On spec, I’d rate this a Category 1 cringe-inducer.  It has a yikes-tone-deaf feel, but doesn’t reek of outright villainy.  Reserving full judgment though until J-School officials respond.

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