LSU’s Daily Reveille Providing Standout Isaac Storm Coverage

The Daily Reveille is stepping up to provide quality storm coverage.  On Monday, staffers at the LSU student newspaper promised readers one thing: “As the gusts of wind and barrages of rain from Tropical Storm Isaac come to the university over the next few days, the Daily Reveille will keep students constantly updated.”

The paper has kept its promise.  The Reveille team is reporting responsibly and in certain cases with real-time gusto on many facets of Isaac’s impact on LSU’s campus and in the city of Baton Rouge.  Staffers’ Category 5 journalism awesomeness extends to stories on a range of issues and need-to-knows– from updates on the weather, the school’s temporary closure, and local and state emergency prep to a campus shelter set-up and the storm’s  meddling with LSU’s athletic program plans.

A pair of pieces also focus on students who are making the most of their sudden “hurrication” (a hurricane-related vacation), including partying while riding out the storm.  The start of one brief feature: “For many people, hurricane preparation means stocking up on water, non-perishable foods and gas.  But for some students and veteran storm survivors, alcohol is just as important as any of those items.”

The Reveille crew is also providing Twitter updates (although not a ton) and has posted a Google Crisis Map on its homepage displaying the latest info on Isaac’s intensity in various locales.  Staff photographer Morgan Searles even climbed a tree yesterday to capture a more powerful image of Isaac’s approach.

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