Live from Tampa, RNC 2012: Bad Weather & Wolf Blitzer

The Tampa Bay Times massive front-page headline: ISAAC INTRUDES.  The tropical storm has caused the cancellation of the Republican National Convention’s first day and the closure of many area schools.  The University of Tampa, my academic HQ, remains open.  The latest weather accounts confirm it is most likely the right call.  Apparently, Isaac is bypassing all (or most?) of Fla., leaving lots of clouds, rain, and a bit of wind in its wake.

The crack student staff at The Minaret, the student newspaper I advise at UT, has been working hard to provide preview and now real-time coverage of the convention festivities.  Included in the mix so far: a full-color magazine telling various RNC-specific stories and a separate first-person recap by our EIC about his meet-up with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

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