Daily Kansan Online Redesign: ‘This Isn’t Your Momma’s Website’

The newly redesigned University Daily Kansan website is a lively, innovative, interactive beast of an online presence.  Unveiled this past week, the updated digital home of the University of Kansas student newspaper sports a much more professional design scheme than its predecessor– one that is both less cluttered and more colorful.

It also boasts a crazy-cool scroll-over section preview option, uber-integrated commenting, and a digital Time Machine that enables a quick, easy journey back to UDK coverage of iconic moments in Jayhawk history.

Bottom line, as web editor Tim Shedor puts it on a page laying out the new UDK bells and whistles: “This isn’t your momma’s website.”

A screenshot of the UDK site last year, via archive.org.

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  1. Tim Shedor says:

    Thanks for the mention dude