Red & Black Publisher Tackles Reporter Attempting to Cover Meeting Between Board, Former Staff

Update: Here’s the raw video the reporter was capturing at time of altercation with Montevideo

Update 2: Here’s the statement issued by Montevideo: “The individual in question, was asked repeatedly by myself and several of our other staff members, to remain downstairs with rest of the media. . . .”

A seemingly tense meeting between former staffers of The Red & Black at the University of Georgia and the paper’s board of directors is wrapping up in Athens, Ga.  More details to come.  But according to live tweets of the event posted on the former staff’s Twitter account @redanddead815, there was a disturbing incident at the start: Red & Black publisher Harry Montevideo pushed a local reporter attempting to cover the meeting to the ground.

Check out the tweets and pics below and read @readanddead815 for a full recounting of the meeting.

4 Responses to “Red & Black Publisher Tackles Reporter Attempting to Cover Meeting Between Board, Former Staff”
  1. I thought the publisher and board were supposed to be the -professionals- here. This whole event should be an illustrative example of how not to be the journalists and business leaders of the future. These -professionals- are really teaching these kids well–what not to do.

  2. Good grief. When I was at UGA, the R&B was excellent at teaching best practices in journalism.

    Now…physical force? Intimidation? It’s like Rupert Murdoch is in charge now.

    How far we’ve fallen.

  3. Edwin Warner says:

    Whelp, this is how you get fired.

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